The School Day

The school day runs from 8:50am to 3:20pm, Monday to Friday. Children arrive from 8:45am, where staff are on duty to welcome everyone. This means that the school is open for six hours and thirty minutes each day,

Some families may need for their child to arrive at school earlier than the start of the school day. Parents may contact the school office to book their child into Breakfast Club, which starts at 8:00am. More information about our Breakfast Club can be found on the 'Wrap Around' page within the 'Parents' tab.

The first session runs until 10:20am, where all children have break time together. In the majority of cases, this takes place on the school field. Here, children are able to play the usual play time games such as tag, skipping and football, but are also able to use the trim trail and climbing stack (for children in Years 2 and above). There is also a wild area for children to explore, trees which children are able to climb and a (slowly!) growing orchard of apple trees. On occasions, the field is too wet underfoot and at these times, play at break and lunch times takes place on the school playground.
Break finished at 10:40am, when children return to their classrooms for the rest of the morning session. At midday, Hedgehog Class start their lunch, followed by Fox class at 12:10pm and Owl class at 12:15pm.
Lunch finishes at 1:00pm, where children again return to their classrooms. Younger children may have an afternoon break, whilst older children are more likely to work through until 2:55pm, when the whole school meets for Collective Worship.

All children are invited to attend after school clubs. These are mostly hosted by teachers and are free in the majority of cases. After school clubs run from 3:20pm-4:15pm, with last pick-up being 4:30pm. More information about our After School Clubs can be found on the 'Wrap Around' page within the 'Parents' tab.