Our School's Curriculum

At the heart of our school you will find our children, and every member of staff has the very highest of aspirations for each and every one. It is our responsibility to spark curiosity in each child, to ignite a passion for learning that will remain with them throughout their lives.

Sherborne CofE Primary School is unique: unique in its setting, unique in its philosophy and unique in its approach.

Because every child is unique, our school has created a curriculum which is designed to fuel their interests and engage every learner. Through listening to feedback from children, parents and carers, the curriculum offered at Sherborne is like no other school: it has not been designed to enable children to pass a test or experience a narrow range of subjects so that this may happen. It has been created first and foremost so that children may have fun and enjoy learning. Our curriculum is matched to the National Curriculum which mainstream schools in England must follow, but it is the ‘special extras’ and our expert delivery which makes what we do unique.

It is the fundamental belief of all members of staff that every child has the ability to learn and every child has the right to learn. It is our job as professionals to find out how each child learns best and make provision for these preferences. Central to this philosophy is the happiness of the children. Staff take time to listen to each child and find out about their interests and hobbies, as well as listening when they feel sad. We value the children in our care and they know they are liked and wanted at our school. It is when this happens that real learning takes place.

This curriculum is not the end: it is the starting point upon which the school’s staff breathe life and sprinkle it with magic. It is this combination of a unique curriculum and inspirational teaching which makes learning at Sherborne irresistible.

Sherborne Staff
March 2021

2022-2023 Curriculum Development Areas

1. Use White Rose Maths materials across the school to raise standards in the teaching and learning of Mathematics

2. Deliver the local Maths Hub's 'Mastering Number' programme to all children in Reception and Years 1 and 2

3. Employ a Writing Consultant to support all teachers in planning and sequencing lessons for one hour a week until Christmas 2022

4. Introduce a whole-school handwriting approach to raise standards of presentation

5. Ensure all early reading books match taught letters and sounds

6. Expand school's provision of non-fiction texts