Our Mission Statement

2019 marked many new beginnings for our school and it felt appropriate to reflect on our core vision and purpose as a Church of England primary school seeking to serve the whole community of Sherborne and beyond.

Children, staff and governors worked together to determine the aims, values and vision of the school. Our new mission statement is inspired by John, Chapter 10, Verse 10: "I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full".

At Sherborne CofE Primary School, having life to the full means:

Our school nurtures a Love of Learning

Our school promotes Independence and Individuality

Our school is Fun and children leave with a sense of fulfilment

Our school expects Excellence from pupils and staff, and enjoyment fills every classroom

Sherborne - For LIFE!

Our Vision

We will create an exciting, inspiring and nurturing environment that our pupils want to come to every day.

We will build confidently on our Christian roots and foundations, whilst celebrating the place of all beliefs.

We will provide a safe environment where our pupils have a voice, high self-esteem and good mental health.

We will be uncompromising in our aspirations for our pupils by creating strong foundations for future successes.

We will have a strong reputation for success in the academic curriculum as well as the creative, expressive-arts and sports.

We will be recognised as an outstanding and unique school.

We will ensure all pupils are treated fairly and provided with the opportunities they need to be successful.

Our Values








As a church school, our strong Christian values underpin everything we do, from how we learn, play and interact with each other to caring and encouraging others. This is at the very heart of the school and we expect children to be able to learn in a safe environment where trust, courage, respect, forgiveness, thankfulness and friendship are a focus for everything we do. We reflect on the wonder of our world around us, the wider environment and other living creatures. We spend time thinking about the impact we have on this world and how we can be good citizens and take responsibility for our own actions.