Admissions - How to Join Sherborne CofE Primary School

Sherborne CofE Primary School has been one of the most over-subscribed primary school in the North Cotswolds for the last six years. Our unique blend of exceptional pastoral care, outstanding teaching and stunning locality means that our little school can offer something which no other school can. Parents and children say that they love Sherborne CofE Primary School because:

1. The school is small but has big aspirations
2. The school prioritises children's happiness and mental health beyond all other things
3. The staff at the school all go to exceptional lengths to help children and their families
4. Children make excellent progress in all areas of the curriculum
5. The school has three small classes so children get more individual attention
6. The village of Sherborne - including the school - is owned and managed by the National Trust
7. The school is outward-looking, with strong links with other schools locally and internationally
8. The school has an excellent reputation in sport, with high levels of participation and representation at County Level in a range of events
9. All children take part in Outdoor Learning sessions every week - like this!
10. The school is friendly, welcoming and fun!

Sherborne C of E Primary School is a Local Authority maintained school and operates the admissions policy determined by the Local Authority. This means that admissions for children starting school In Reception in September are handled by the Local Authority.

How to proceed with Reception Admissions: 

Every parent or carer will receive a preference form for the Local Authority. It is vital that this form is completed and returned to your Local Authority by the deadline date each January. You will then find out the outcome of this application in April. More information can be found below.

In the event of places being oversubscribed, the following criteria is used by the LA to decide who is offered a place at our school:

  1. Children in care
  2. Medical reasons
  3. Siblings in school already
  4. Distance from school

Parents have the right to appeal to the LA in the event their child is not offered a place at Sherborne C of E Primary School.

The Local Authority's Admission Scheme, which includes details of the application process together with a timetable for applications, can be found below.