With visiting Olympians, Wildlife Quizzes, school trips in the UK and abroad and Dance Shows, school life is varied and enjoyable. Find out how we go the extra mile and offer something above and beyond the bounds of the national curriculum.

Here at Sherborne, we pride ourselves in giving the children a rounded, balanced curriculum that promotes a sense of awe and wonder in the world around them. You will not find children being over-tested or having to sit through months and months of revision lessons at our school. Instead, you will find them enjoying learning things, make sense of the world, laughing and enjoying life!

The school has an excellent sporting reputation. We take part in every sports event organised within the local and regional clusters, as well as attending Far Peaks annually for a whole-school 'Extreme Sports' event. Children who come to Sherborne enjoy taking part in sports because of our fun and friendly approach. Win, lose or draw, our children always smile and always give the loudest three cheers for the opposition!

The School's Erasmus+ Projects have helped children gain a wider understanding of the world around them. Shared project aims and pupil visits to Finland, Croatia and Spain to name but a few have led to lasting friendships and a greater sense of history and togetherness. Our projects are always forward thinking and have helped us to develop our curriculum provision in other areas, such as Mathematics, Computing and English.

Forest School is an essential ingredient in the diet of our children's learning. We know from both child and parental feedback that these sessions are very much valued, providing time for children to be outdoors and exploring the world around them. This can be a time for quiet reflection, creating megatructures or anything in between!