The second national closure of schools was announced on the evening of 4th January, 2021. Since then, staff at the school have worked hard to establish online learning routines and two key worker bubbles.

Our provision is based on the following:

1. Key worker bubble for children in Reception and Year 1 open 9:00am to 3:00pm

2. Key worker bubble for children in Years 2-6 open 8:00am to 4:30pm

3. Remote learning through the school's learning platforms (CENTURY and Google Classroom) for all other children and can be accessed here:

Click here to login to CENTURY

Click here to login to Google Classroom

Should children complete all their work and wish to undertake additional actvities, they should visit their lass page by clicking on the button on the right-han side.

Parents and carers have been invited to borrow a school iPad, Chromebook or laptop to help their child access the online learning materials.

In addition, an email account has been created for each class so that parents and children may contact the class teacher should they have any questions or not be sure of the task. These will be monitored throughout the 'normal' school hours (e.g. 9am-3:15pm).

Weekly class 'chats' have been scheduled using 'Zoom' so that children may keep in contact with one another and share their thoughts and successes with their peers.